My Language Immersion Mission

Programs in a full language immersion setting

A weekly trip to another country without taking the airplane.

In order to enhance the learning environment of students learning a second language, we have set up high-quality sports and art programs - in a full language immersion setting - that teach real and lasting skills.

The programs of My Language Immersion allow students to further increase their vocabulary and fluency in another language without perceiving an additional effort while concentrating on an exciting activity and learning new skills from professionals.

These programs are:

  • are taught in a full immersion language setting by native-speaker coaches and teachers
  • who are professionals in their field (e.g. former national team and FIFA soccer coach, former first league/NBA basketball player)
  • while increasing the weekly immersion time, associating the language with a fascinating activity and supporting the overall mastery of another language.

For our high-quality Sports Program, please find more information here.

For our high-quality Theater and Art Programs, please find more information here for the theater class, and and more information here for the art class.